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54th day at PayPal

Hello guys, It’s been a while since the last article. I have resigned from Alibaba at the end of June and turned to another job in which the company’s name is PayPal. There are a lot of things I want to tell you guys since this new job is different from the previous one. Time goes on so fast. It’s already eight weeks since I joined this new company. I don’t want to talk much about the business background of PayPal, but the working style and life here instead.

The most apparent difference between Alibaba is that I have more flexible time to do what I want to do after work. I don’t need to work as 996, and I can schedule all the work stuff all by myself, that’s exactly what we called “work-life balance”. Another difference is that it seems like we have more meetings than I was at Alibaba. Because of the time-gap, we need to have meetings with foreign colleagues at the time which suits us all, and sometimes it would be early morning. But, it doesn’t matter since we already accustomed to this.

Ok, then let’s talk about my colleagues. Actually, they are all brilliant guys. Reportedly, more than approximately 60 percent of employees graduated from the C9 colleges as well as the top universities overseas, and It’s a big challenge that working with these talents. But I enjoy this process, what’s an essential part to me is that I have the chance to learn something from the ones who are smarter than me.

Besides, I also have had some concerns during this process. At the beginning of PayPal life, every time I would feel the pressure when I need to communicate with foreign colleagues because of my less proficient spoken English. Every one of my friends said I was a confident person, that’s true. But what’s the point is that my confidence was built based on my abilities. I am not the kind of person that is willing to utilize the expertise which is not proficient enough in ordinary life. So, to solve this problem, I made a plan to enhance my English skills. I started reciting 200 English words every day to expand my vocabulary and joining offline in-person activities with foreigners from all over the world to practice my oral English and re-build my confidence. Actually, it’s not that easy like I imagined. I have to spend a lot of time, approximately 2 hours a day in learning English, but it’s worthwhile.

I admire the actors in the series “Grey’s Anatomy” because of their fluent, idiomatic oral English as well as the excellent diction. Whatever, I wish I could pass the TOELF exam in springtime the next year after this year’s efforts in learning English. One of the most critical defects of me I realized is that I speak too fast in English, even in mandarin. So that my translation process can not following my idea. I want to tell more, but it’s hard for me to translate and organize the words to make sure it will express the same meaning as I gave in Chinese. So what’s the root cause is that I’m not very familiar with those frequently used phrases, sentences, and the combination of words. In conclusion, keep learning and move forward.

Let’s talk about something else. Currently, it would take me about 40 mins to the company from my house. Generally speaking, it’s unbearable for a person who only needs 20 mins to come to the company previously. So, I have a plan to move to another place nearer to my company, and this is another topic. I can not perform this right now because I will violate the lease contract and must pay another possible extra charge.

That’s all I want to say and writing down here. PayPal is a different company from Alibaba, and I hope I can learn a lot here, using my spare time properly to do something special in the meanwhile.

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